Here are some questions that our clients ask

Driving around the Cook Islands

Cook Islanders drive on the left-hand side of the road and the maximum speed is 50km per hour but most areas are 40km. In town areas, it is 30km per hour.

If you have a current driver’s licence from your home country you can drive a car in the Cook Islands on that licence. However, if you want to drive around in a scooter you need to get one from the police station and pass a theory and practical test.

What are your terms and Conditions?

They are located on this page

Once I place a booking is it confirmed?

No, our booking system isn’t fully integrated with our offline system at the moment so after you make a booking you will get a reconfirmation email that your booking is confirmed and then the Credit Card will be charged.

Airport Pick up/drop off Fees?

Yes we do as the Airport charges us for car spaces the fees are below.



Are there any options to get full coverage insurance with zero excess?

The insurance policy has an excess which can be reduced to $500.00 for an extra $10.00 per day.

Can we add an additional driver? If so, how much would this be?

Yes, you can have extra drivers, they must have a full licence and there is no extra charge for this.

Our flight arrives late at night, would we still be able to pick up the car at that time of the evening from the airport?

Yes, we have a 24 hour car park at the airport for you to collect your car on arriving here.

Do you have baby car seats?

No we dont at the moment