About Us

We Provide Car Hire Services on the island of Rarotonga. Our Suzuki Swift Rentals are $65 per day including standard insurance!! That’s one of the most affordable day rates you’ll find. Plus an optional $10/day to reduce the insurance excess down to $500 from $2000, in the event of an accident.

When you land in Rarotonga, you’ll see paradise stretch before you with lush turquoise water, white sandy beaches, and beautiful tall palms and a relaxing island vibe will surround you. Sweet As Car Rentals want you to make the most of your island stay by utilising their quality fleet to get about and see all the fantastic sights we have on offer. No need to worry about the weather, or lugging your gear – we will have you moving with ease around the island in comfort.

We have very competitive day rates that will ensure you have some spare change to take home plenty of souvenirs.